Monday, November 26, 2012

Gajar ka halwa (Carrot yumminess)

My father in law loves this dessert so I told my husband to bring carrots from the supermarket. I have never tried making this before so really wanted to try it out. I looked up online and in my recipe books and saw many recipes but most of them used khoya (khowa) which I dint have on hand. well I was still determined so as soon as my hubby came home i asked him for carrots. He handed over a bags of baby carrots to me...I was like carrots ...really...I thought carrot halwa is made from nice big red carrots. well I still wanted to try it out...if it turns out bad i can blame the carrots lol. This dessert turned out amaaazzzingg. Unbelievably tasty and really easy to make. My husband loved it the most and he ate it in his unique style with puck cream (available in Arabic grocery stores). Do try this out , I highly recommend it.

Carrots -     1-1/2 bags of baby carrots or you can use the big red ones. Finely grate/shred them. I
                     used a food processor for this purpose.

Oil mix - 2 tbl spn oil + 5 tbl spn butter

Milk - 4 cups

sugar - 1-1/2 cups

water - 1 cup

cardamon powder 1/2 tsp

color - deep orange color

Procedure :

In a NON STICK pot add the oil mix. Add grated carrots and stir well on high flame. Now add milk and water and let boil till carrots soften. At this time you will see some oil oozing out Add sugar , cardamon powder and color and stir well for about 15 minutes. Serve warm.


  1. gajar ka halwa superb and when i observe the picture recipe its mouth wandering excellent reccipe i tried it. i recieved nice complements from my husband. your recipe’s instructions are very simple those are nice to follow
    once again thanks alottttttttttttttttttttt

  2. gajar halwa looks delicious dear..yummilicious.
    Happy to follow u, wud be glad if u can follow back.
    Have a wonderful weekend .

  3. Hey that looks yummy nice recipe although the recipe I use is slightly different but yummy all the same. Thanks

  4. could you please mention the weight of each carrot bag? Is it 1lb per bag?


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