Saturday, July 18, 2009

Handmade Holder

This post is not food related but hope you like it.
As soon as we come back from the office every day we toss
our keys, cell phone,glasses,wallets etc on the washing machine
in our laundry room.I searched and searched on the Internet for something
that holds all this but could not find one big enough and that is when I decided to make one myself It took 5 days but this beautiful piece now sits on the washing machine in our laundry room.This has a place for cell phones which charge (all wires hidden),wallets,cellphones and glasses.Now everything looks organized.


  1. hey humaira
    this looks intresting to me but can u let me know more how u made that organiser in detail .
    i am having same problem.


  2. wow...u are really creative...

  3. Hello rizruby, Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is how I made this orgainzer...
    1. Bought a sheet of plywood which was 1 inch thick
    2. I cut it to various sizes to create the above pattern. I left a gap from behind to hold
    chargers and power strips and also an opening from the back for wires. The top has holes through which you can pull wires to plug them to the cell phones.
    3 I glued them together using Elmer's carpenter glue and also nailed a few joints.
    4. One the box was ready, Primed it with white paint. Then used a wood color over it.
    5 For decorative apppeal , I used cloth pieces from Michaels(craft store) . velvet or felt for lining and zebra pattern cloth for decoration.
    6.put in hooks for keys.And you are done.
    Hope you enjoy making it. I had loads of fun.

  4. hey humaira

    thx for sharing the procedure. i will try soon inshlh.

    keep the creative work on.


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